If it takes a week at least, sometimes a little more to start your homemade sourdough, then later you can keep it alive for years! Once your sourdough is ready, you can also make a milk sourdough, perfect for croissants, all viennoiseries, brioche and other yeast-leavened recipes.

Sourdough starter7-8 days


Il ne faut pas beaucoup de matériel pour faire son levain, mais plutôt de l’attention et de la patience !

  • Des pots en verre lavés à l’eau claire, avec leurs couvercles (perforés de préférence)
  • Une source de chaleur à proximité (radiateur, cheminée…) sauf s’il fait déjà chaud


Day 1

  • 20g wholemeal flour
  • 20g Water
  • 1 small spoon oh honey


Organisation, steps

Making your own sourdough starter takes a little time but you can kep it active ans alive for years if you take care of it by feeding it regularly. The starter can takes a little bit more time, depending on your room temperature, your heat source (radiator, close to fireplace…) and the season, or also on the flour you use.
Don’t panic and be patient the first 2-3 days, feed your starter every day to see if the process of fermentation starts.

  • Your mother-sourdough (starter) will be ready after about a week, sometimes a little longer.
  • Feed it well and trust yourself.

Tip : it’s always better to use he wholest flour as possible, ann even better if it’s stoneground wholemeal flour and also organic one. Stoneground mill process crush less the grains and whole grains contain better nutrients and sourdough-friendly microorganisms then half wholemeal or plain flour.

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