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Nina Métayer, pastry Cheffe

Design, creation, events, innovation, business development
French Patisserie, Bakery and Culinary Arts

Events / laboratories and production units / range creation / masterclass / team cohesion / dessert menu / product valuation / research and development / product innovation / recruitment / training / know-how transmission / recipes creation / … And your custom-made project!

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Nina Métayer

Background of a pastry Chef

Inspiration, training, carrer, distinctions, expression, passion, France to worldwide, traditional bakery to Michelin starred plated dessert, today a contractor, itinerary of a committed woman.


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Nina Métayer warmly thanks journalists, authors and photographers for their interest in her work!

Le Petit Club

“The Little Club” is born out of the desire to share beyond social networks with all pastry lovers. Recipes and soon more!