Crispy strawberry tart


This summery dessert, the crispy strawberry tart, is easy to make. It’s at the same time fruity, buttery, salty and tart. I like the crunchy hazelnut streusel with the dried fruit that comes out of the oven and its light and also smooth texture of the whipped cream!

6 pers.45mn30mn65mn


In addition to the usual pastry ustensils, you’ll need de pâtisserie:

  • A mixing bowl “cul-de-poule”

  • A hand whisk

  • A tart ring Ø 18cm and 2 small Ø 8cm (or the dimensions of your own tart rings


Hazelnut Streusel

  • 130g Butter
  • 120g Wholemeal flour T150
  • 120g Brown sugar
  • 70g de poudre de noisette
  • 65g Hazelnut powder
  • 2g “Fleur de sel” (sea salt flake)
  • 55g Milk chocolate


Organisation, steps

Here is the order in which it is best to make the recipe.

  • Begin with the shortbread (bake 30mn)
  • Then make the hazelnut streusel (freeze 30mn)
  • Make the Chantilly whipped cream  (store in cold)
  • Prepare strawberries and decoration ingredients just before assembly

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