Homemade Praline


Making your own homemade praline with this very simple recipe is really not complicated! Once adopted, you won’t be able to do without it either for your recipes or to simply enjoy it on a slice of bread or brioche!

2 jars15mn30mn


  • A good blender
  • A rolling pin or other utensil for breaking caramel and dried fruit into small pieces

Ingredients are for about 500g. The praline keeps very long in the refrigerator, so don’t hesitate to prepare more if you are very gourmand or if you use it often for your pastry recipes.


Roasted nuts

  • 200g Hazelnut
  • 175g Almond


Étapes de fabrication

  • Roast the nuts
  • Use a blnder to mix with other ingredients
  • That’s it!

Tip: you can adapt the recipe, for example, use only almonds or hazelnuts, change the proportions and even use other dried fruits such as walnuts, pecans or pistachios.

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