Chocolate caramel tart


Dedicated to chocolate lovers, this chocolate caramel tart recipe plays with textures as well as with the elegant presentation, made with a piping bag. You can make a large tart to share or individual tartlets.



In addition to usual pastry ustensils, you’ll need:

  • A large tart ring or small individuals one
  • Pastry (piping) bags and a round nozzle (tip)


Crémeux (Creamy) chocolate

  • 170g Cream
  • 170g Whole milk
  • 3 Egg yolks
  • 30g Brown sugar
  • 130g Dark Chocolate 72%
  • 30g Milk Chocolate 35%

Chocolate caramel tart recipe

Organization, manufacturing steps

Most of the steps can be done the day before, realize assembly and finishing not too long before serving !

  1. Start with the Crémeux chocolate and store in cold (3h).
  2. Then make the chocolate shortbread and bake, let cool
  3. Make the soft caramel paste, store in cold (2h)
  4. Make the caramelized nuts, let cool
  5. Make the reconstituted chocolate shortbread, spread in a tart circle and store in cold (10mn)
  6. Assembly and finishing

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