Chocolate brownies


Chocolate brownies. For sweet afternoon snack, tea time, for kids and grownups alike, for a very chocolatey gourmand moment, for the pleasure of sharing and also for the pleasure of making them with love and with children!

10 pieces20mn10mn


You’ll need classic baking utensils including:

  • A saucepan and a bowl that fits a double boiler
  • An electric mixer or a pastry robot or simply a whisk
  • A Maryse or a spatula.
  • A knife and a cutting board for nuts
  • Small silicone (or not) molds for brownies, mini-cake, muffin…



  • 150gr Butter
  • 80gr dark chocolate
  • 4 Eggs
  • 180gr Brown sugar
  • 37gr Flour
  • 10gr Cocoa powder
  • 2gr Salt
  • 60gr Nuts
  • 40gr Pecans




Quick and easy to make, ten minutes cooking time, no need to organize in advance and children love to prepare them. Give them maximum autonomy while taking care of dangerous steps such as cutting nuts and, of course, cooking.

Nuts, Pecans, hazelnuts… Make with the dried fruit you have in your kitchen cupboard, or without, it’s very very good too!

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