Baba like a brioche


For this recipe of baba like a brioche morello cherries and cocoa , Nina Métayer worked with fresh fruit as well as the liqueur Chocolat 30° and the small morello cherries in brandy Griottissimo® from Wolfberger.


Pastry ustensils 

In addition to the usual pastry material, you’ll need:

  • 6cm half-sphere Flexiplans (silicone moulds) in sufficient quantity to make as well the buns and chocolate decorations. Otherwise, organize your preparation steps therefore.
  • A non-stick baking sheet
  • An immersion blender (hand blender)
  • Ideally a food processor

Ingrédients (10 parts)

Black cherry confit

  • 376g black cherry puree
  • 60g brown sugar
  • 38g lemon juice
  • 8g pectin NH 8g
  • 1 gelatine sheet
  • 80g Griottissimo® Wolfberger


Organization and steps

Some steps have to be done in advance, here is the order in which the recipe should be done. Many can be made the day before.

  1. Start by making the cherry confit
  2. Then the milk chocolate whipped cream (Refrigerate until set 24h).
  3. Then make the raspberry paper and store it in a dry place (Cool 12h, then oven dry 4h before finishing it).
  4. Then the chocolate decorations (Let 3h at 10°)
  5. Make the brioche dough (12h before baking)
  6. Make the syrup for the gelled syrup, let infuse (3h).
  7. Bake the brioches (buns) and hollow out the inside with a small knife.
  8. Make the gelled syrup with the infused syrup
  9. Soak still lukewarm brioches with lukewarm gelled syrup (refrigerate 4h until set into the half-spheres Flexipans)
  10. Assembly and finishing

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