Apple tarte tatin express


You can make this apple Tarte Tatin express recipe almost at the last minute! It’s very easy to make, you just need to leave to rest in cold the express puff pastry dough for 40mn before using it for a quick lamination. You’ll also have to bake for about 40mn.



In addition to the usual pastry ustensils, you’ll need:

  • A baking food processor
  • A plain round mold


Puff pastry dough express

  • 300g Flour T45
  • 360g Butter
  • 23g Sugar
  • 4,5g Salt
  • 135g Water

Apple Tarte Tatin express Recipe

Simple steps !

For this recipe, making puff pastry and laminated it are simplified. You will simply have to make the dough in one go and let it rest for 40mn before giving it a few turns, then spread it out!

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